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Water Ponding (Deck Leveling System)

Water Ponding (Deck Leveling System)

We are providing a high performance, cost effective service of eliminating Water Ponding problems by using a special formulated epoxy and a light filler on outdoor metal decks. Traditional ways of solving deck leveling problems are using cement (which makes it very heavy) or re-fabricating the deck affected (which makes it very expensive).

We are based in Malaysia and are available to work anywhere in South East Asia or as riding crews on your rigs/topside platforms.

Our Services include:

  • Site inspections to measure and estimate cost / duration of the job.

  • Cleaning to ensure that the surfaces that are to be applied upon, to be clean, reasonably dry, free form dirt, grease and loose material.

  • Leveling with a special formulated epoxy and a light filler to level out water ponding sections, overlapping layer by layer up to 50 mm.

  • Water Ponding test, to ensure that the leveling is up to standard.

  • Painting / Anti – Slip grit application to the leveled deck.