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Established in 1999, Leaderplas Machinery is a highly reputable importer of extrusion blow molding machines from Taiwan. Leaderplas Machinery holds an exclusive distributor rights throughout Malaysia to market extrusion blow molding machine produce by Kai Mei Plastic Machinery Co Ltd Taiwan. 

Kai Mei Plastic Machinery Co Ltd specializes in technical engineering and production of extrusion blow molding machines. The wide range of extrusion blow molding machines is designed to produce containers of various capacities from materials such as PE, PVC, PP, PETG, TPE, PU and PC. Throughout the years, Kai Mei Plastic Machinery Co Ltd extrusion blow-molding machine have become the leaders in blow molding technology in Taiwan, and other parts of the world. It has achieved ISO 9002 and the prestigious European CE Certification of all its product. 

With the gradual development to fully electric blow molding machines and with market demands, Leaderplas Machinery also provide fully electric blow molding machines to South East Asia market. Leaderplas Machinery holds the exclusive distributor rights to market fully electric blow molding machine produce by Yong Li Plastic Machinery Co Ltd Taiwan in South East Asia. 

The fully electric blow molding machine by Yong Li Plastic Machinery is with high precision, high stability, energy saving, clean, low noise, simple maintenance and other outstanding features. Fully electric blow molding machine is suitable to produce products that require high purity such as medical supplies and food containers and other related products. Equipped with the six layers die head, the machine is able to produce high gas barrier containers. EVOH layer can block air, slow the deterioration of the filling and therefore extend the expiration period. This is especially suitable for products that are preservative free and drugs that would become deteriorated easily by contacting with air. 

The machines sold by Leaderplas Machinery vary from the light duty series producing 5ml containers to the heavy duty series producing 1,000 litres containers and are fully utilized by customers around South East Asia. This policy of mutual support has seen the company spread in Malaysia & Indonesia. 

Leaderplas Machinery, which deals in extrusion and fully electric blow molding machines has constantly kept to the three policy objectives and maintained a listening ear so that we can offer our customer service and satisfaction.


Quality Ensure

High quality machines are only made by stringent attention to materials, workmanship and safety feature


Offer customers a competitively priced product allowing them a quicker return on their investment


Offer maintenance and ensure customer is advised at the point of sale

We intend to keep this policy as our running foundation to serve and satisfy our customers because by having the support and encouragement, we will continue to grow and develop.